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Color light Tweaklite and course material


The Tweaklite is an affordable, therapeutic tool that is also perfect for home care and is ideal to carry in your bag.

Contain: -1 Colorterapi Tweaklite and course material, instruction and protocols.

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The Tweaklite uses color light. It is a form of therapy that is already used for centuries. Everyone understands that colors influence our feelings and emotions. We only use the save colors of the sun’s spectrum.


3 Watt Edison LED Lumen: up to 160
LED life of 20,000 hours
Lithium-ion battery power 9.6 Wh For 120 minutes treatment time Charge through micro-USB
Auto power off Waterproof aluminum Weight 85 grams
L 112 mm, D 22 mm

Treatment programs up to 30 minutes

Communication USB 2
Suitable for all PC platforms

Therapy Surface
Powerful 3 Watt Color LED constant current control Treatment Distance 40 cm
Lens for the purpose of point treatment

16 million colors Color Swap feature Pause, buzzer
LED status indication

Operated by a single button

The Tweaklite is very handy and extremely easy to use. In the manual that comes with it you will find all the information you need to make it work.

More FAQ´s

Service Sørensen clients

1. Quickstart for 9 color tweaklite
The Tweaklite® is a high-quality instrument used to apply colored light to body zones specified by an expert practitioner. Always follow the guidelines of this practitioner. The Tweaklite is programmed with the Sørensen color set.
! Never look directly into the lens when the Tweaklite is on as the light can temporarily dazzle.
Make sure the Tweaklite is fully charged via a standard USB charger or PC. Charging: red, full = green. Use only the supplied mini USB cable.

To start the Tweaklite, push the button for 1 second, do not hold the button. After the tone push the button again briefly to skip through the colors.
Each color stays on for 20 minutes. After that, the Tweaklite shuts of after 4 minutes. Manual shut down after holding the button for 4 seconds.

Extended color manual, download here.

2. Charging and capacity
Charge the Tweaklite until the green light is on or blinking. After full charge you must be able to use the Tweaklite for treatmens for in total at least 90 minutes.
Charging  could take  up to 12 hours from a PC. A separate charger is faster.

3. The indicators are off, the Tweaklite does not work anymore
Often the Tweaklite not charged. Connect the Tweaklite to a PC or an external USB charger. For long-term charging, an external charger recommended because if a PC is in “sleep mode”, also the power of the USB ports will be disabled. There may be multiple led’s visible on the rear side of the Tweak Lite. During the charging process they will switch off and the red LED remains on. Charge untill the green led is on and restart (see quickstart).

4. Tweaklite is on but does not respond
Switch the Tweaklite off for a period of time and then it will work again.Sometime this is caused by multiple pushes on the button while performing a task. The Tweaklite is protected by a “watchdog” to restart again.

5. You see only 4 slow alternating colors
The Tweaklite has a built-in color test. These are the colors red, green and blue and white. If there is no or only one Tweak installed, the test can be carried out by holding the button for 4 seconds.If at startup, the button  is held to long, you will not get expected Tweak, but the test colors. Switch the Tweaklite off by holding the button for 4 seconds and wait till all the lights on the back are off.
Then start the Tweaklite on by pushing the button briefly and then release. Wait for the tone. Then press the button again briefly to start the treatment. Follow the instructions in the Quick Start or the tutorial.

6. Appearance of the colors
The colors of the Tweaklite are composed of the basic colors red, green and blue. All other colors are combinations, a mix of these colors. I.e. yellow is a mixture of red and green. You may see the colors separately if projected on a light surface.
Sometimes the difference between orange and yellow cannot be seen well because if you look directly into the light. That is because your eyes are very sensitive and will be overamplified. These colors also have the highest energy.
If you want to see the colors, shine the colors in a white cup to see the mixture. The special indigo in the Sørensen range only contains only blue.

7. Contact
If you need more information about the function of the Tweaklite,  contact us with a description of the problem.

We can provide online assistance. Please download the program “Teamviewer” here and send us an e-mail for an appointment.

You can also call me on Skype paul.brobbel.
Please notify me before by WhatsApp or SMS +31 683 708 528


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Color light Tweaklite and course material

Color light Tweaklite and course material

The Tweaklite is an affordable, therapeutic tool that is also perfect for home care and is ideal to carry in your bag.

Contain: -1 Colorterapi Tweaklite and course material, instruction and protocols.