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1. Rosehip Cream 50grs

1. Rosehip oil 60ml

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1. Rosehip Cream 50grs

INCAEARTH Rosehip, pure and natural cream is rich in vitamin C and contains naturally tretinoin. Tretinoin is the active ingredient in many wrinkle reducers used by dermatologists.

This luxurious Rosehip cream contains a carefully balanced combination of pure Rose Hip oil and natural oils of Coco and Palm, with just a hint of natural essence of Wild Rose.

Rose Hip cream restore dry skin and is an extremely effective form of skin protection.

The two substances, vitamin C and tretimoin, work to restore the typical signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

The face becomes firm and smooth and reduce the signs of aging. Maintain the skin hydrated and with perfect nutrition during the day. It is excellent for dry, sensitive or skin damaged by sunlight.

Reduce irritation, swelling and wrinkles caused by scares. Reduce also spots on the skin due to aging, pregnancy or environmental pollution.

1. Rosehip oil 60ml

100 % pure and naural Rosehip oil INCAEARTH, with a touch of essence of Wild Rose. Contains 100% pure Rose Hip oil from the Andres in Argentina. Using a natural and ancient secret recipe evolved over centuries by the local and original inhabitants of the Andes, this pure Rosehip oil revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.

Rosehip oil has wonderful antiaging qualities and keeps your face looking young and fresh, it also provides excellent protection against sun damage. The use of the fruit of pure Rosehip (Rosa Canino) is the secret of the natives of the Andes to maintain youthful skin.

Rosehip oil revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin with anti-aging qualities that help maintain fresh appearance of the face.

Further it provides effective protection against sun damage. Its composition with numerous essential fatty acids (omega 6 omega 3 linoleic acid), antioxidants and vitamins (retinol-vitamin A-, vitamin C, E) make it a must-have item. One of the positive functions that the fatty acids is on the body's production of prostaglandins.

These substances have the characteristic of the skin tissue repair. Rose hips has between 15 and 20% oleic acid (omega 9), between 44 and 50% linoleic acid (omega 6) and between 30 and 35% linolenic acid (omega 3), these are all essential fatty acids that strengthen the health of the skin.


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Rosehip Set

Rosehip Set

1. Rosehip Cream 50grs

1. Rosehip oil 60ml